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Our Vision

For all you Health Enthusiasts out there, “Up For It” is all set to enhance your knowledge of fitness, health and nutrition. With our invaluable tips, insightful articles and expert advice, you can chart out a balanced diet and exercise regime suited to your needs, thereby leading a healthy and happy lifestyle!

Our Endeavour

It is important to remember that the human body is eventually constituted of the nutrients that are assimilated and absorbed from the food that we eat every day. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to our daily diet. Healthy Eating needs to be incorporated as an integral part of your life, rather than being limited towards the pursuit of your weight loss objectives, and forgotten thereafter. Let our Nutrition experts formulate a customized dietary chart for you, based on your body type. In case you are interested, please drop us an email, and we will get back to you immediately!

Shed Flab with Utmost Ease!

Shedding those Extra Pounds is no longer a far-fetched dream. This is how we make it possible for you:-

Energize Your Daily Quota of Exercise!

We have a number of fitness videos available free of cost for all our registered members. From Pilates to Aerobics to Tap Dance to Cardio and Power Yoga, we have introductory videos for all these categories of exercise, which you can easily incorporate in your daily fitness regime with great ease! So go ahead and take your pick from the wide range of options that we have, readily available for you at our exclusive exercise video library!

Dozens of Low-Fat Recipes for You!

In case you are a foodie, you need not compromise the desire of your taste-buds for the sake of your health. Because we have an entire collection of low-fat recipes that will help you dish out fabulous delicacies in your kitchen, and yet you will not have to worry much about your calorie intake! Get the best of both worlds- fitness and lip-smacking food, with Up for It’s wonderful recipe collection!


Our Fitness Experts have created a free Online Fitness Diary, which helps you in maintaining your daily fitness regime with ease. Apart from this personalized fitness diary, we also have an online calorie-counter that helps you in counting the exact number of calories that you have consumed on daily basis, thereby keeping track of your calorie intake. Both these tools are available for registered members ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!






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